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'Galichnik Dew' is the result of stay at the artist residency Art Colony Galichnik in August 2023. 

Curator Ana Frangovska invited me and eight others artists to think and reflect on the topic of (de)colonization of Nature. This resulted in new poetry, written on stones from the village with charcoal and graphite. These poems aim to question what is meant by "colonizing nature" and what is natural to human kind. 

The work is in possession of the Art Colony Galichnik collection. 


Mountain air


Like Nietzsche arrived in Turin

for his health

resulting in his mental breakdown


Do I find myself in Galichnik

Not for my health

if at all, than for my mental health


To focus and to concentrate

To somewhat rest and flee from

the busy city


But I feel dull

with a slight everlasting headache


I guess the mountains do me no good

I must be doomed for the city


The siege of Galichnik


They came fleeing from the Ottomans

Now the village is dying

Or is it?


Artemis takes back what’s hers

covering the village with a cloak of white fur

Only two lights burn


Inaccessible during winter

And why would men go

to honey bitter?

Or is it?


Clever as she is

on warm summer days

she sends bears


to make the message clear

Leave the village to death near

Or is it?


It’s a battlefield

Ivy, snow and bears

Heritage, holiday and cold beer

A bear appeared


When I was wandering

through the wonderfull

nature of Galichnik


A bear appeared in front of me

first roaring than looking at me

“Bear, what are you doing?!”


“I’m on my way to Galichnik

to gather a splendid meal.”


“Oh bear, do you not know

of the humans and their cruelty?

Of how they destroy that which is

natural, fair and beautiful?


Don’t you know about 

the smog and tar

the chimneys and skyscrapers

the noise and the pollution?


Save yourself, go back to your cave

eat honey, sleep and be grateful.”


The bear frowned, deep in thought

than he smiled and waved


Going his way

with the fruits of the day. 

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