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"Onkruid" is my first collection of poems.

My poems are best considered as extensions of my paintings, being a new field of work where I can experiment with different esthetic experiences on the same topics. 

"Onkruid" is not a regular collection of poems. 39 Artists from Europe have been invited to contribute visuals to the poems. Each artist got the freedom to choose what and how they wanted to react on my work, being this a poem, a sentence, a mere word or the whole book, was up to them.

The Participating artists are:

- Amber Lalieu

- Mike Moonen

- Didianne Leusink

- Quinn Zeljak

- Tanja Ritterbex

- Mauri Loots

- Emile Hermans

- Sam Janssen

- Bas de Weerd

- Milan Faassen

- Lola Safari

- R.W. Beerens

- Ellis Driessen

- Dewi Hombergen

- Naninca Lemmens

- Lukas Malzan

- Mick Janssen

- Paul Devens

- Darcy Neven

- Morena Bamberger

- Floor Martens

- Wouter Huis

- Joep Caenen

- Fran Hoebergen

- Louisa Vergozisi

- Pleun Moons

- Daniel de Jong

- Rebecca Treur

- Erik de Jong

- Karin Peulen

- Vlerk

- Leendert Vooijce

- Dirk Bours

- Froukje de Boer

- Karel Dicker

- Joris Burla

- Ans Verdijk

- Christy Westhovens




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